300+ Clients Managed (Early Stage Startups to Fortune 500) Since 2012

Our Top-Notch 10,000ft View Mechanism & Execution Workflows from $100K ARR to $100M ARR in 3 Years then 2X-10X ARR Every Single Year

Network of 139,000+ Accredited Investors to Suit Your Funding Needs

30+ Media Leaders for Your Public Exposure as The Expert

Partners with The Leading Tools & Software as Our Insiders' Advantage

What if you, your partner, & all of your company’s stakeholders only have a small budget?

Here are a few results from small budget campaigns for our stealth-mode startups!

We have done this over and over again since 2012 up until now for more than 300 partners to scale-up exponentially & keep helping them behind the scenes up until now, ranging from:

🚀 Bootstrap Startups (Without Any Funding)

🚀 Early Stage (<$10K ARR - $100K ARR)

🚀 Traction Stage ($100K ARR - $1M ARR)

🚀 Growth Stage ($1M ARR - $10M ARR)

🚀 Late Stage ($10M ARR - $100M ARR)

🚀 Fortune 500 (Highest Revenue Worldwide) 

We’ll Keep 2X-ing (200%) to 10X-ing (1,000%) Your ARR Every Single Year Over and Over Again to Dominate Your Market-Share As Soon As Possible Before Your Competitors, Newcomers, Hijackers, or Copy Cat Backed by Wealthy Moguls did.

All of These “Results-Based Guarantee” Revenue Growth While…

🦄 You Focus on What You’re Best at = Best Products & Services

🦄 We Focus on What We’re Best at = Holistic Business (Viral & Valuable Marketing, 100% Closing The Sales Conversion Rate, Revenue Growth, Infinite Cash Flow Access, Tax Churn, M&A Conglomerate, Talent (Human Resources) Hunter, Investment Banking, Insurance, Etc.)

NO MORE Wasting Your Resources to Reinvent The Wheel (Time, Capital, Focus, Energy, Effort, Health & Wellness, Etc.) that should be allocated to things that actually matter most) yet to find out that you just join the 99% of failed founders (owners)!

📈After you’ve nailed your revenue growth to increase rapidly + own an exceptional holistic business fundamental (in every operational workflow from a-z, from front-end to back-end), you must rapidly reinvest everything to dominate the market share whether locally, regionally, or globally.

📈Indeed, it could require tons of resources to be the top-of-mind and become extremely exceptional in every foundation of your company from a-z, which is what we called “holistic perfection”!

So… All of this greatness ultimately requires you to have access to real experts, or so-called senior investors as the majority of them used to be successful business operators).

📈Fortunately, with access to over 139,000+ network of investors, whether individuals or entities, You will have the opportunity to network, raise capital, get advice, etc. BUT ONLY AFTER you have nailed the holistic foundation & scale-up revenue growth rapidly & steadily (which means, you must earn the “right” to speak with them!) and don’t worry… we will support you with the holistic company foundation and exponentially grow your revenue by at least 200% every single year while you focus on what you do best, which is delivering your product/service! Then… we will also help you arrange the meeting with them if you want…

🌍Surround your company with the top 100 media leaders worldwide! 

🌍We Will Help You & Your Company to Achieve The State of “Top-of-Mind Omnipresence”, 24/7/365, Online & Offline, Extremely Viral so that Your Stakeholders (Investors, Partners, Investors, Employees, Clients, Customers, Users, etc.) Perceive You as The Expert/Leader of Your Market Category!

🌍Directly, You will also have the exclusive privilege directly just by using our network of partners in software, tools, media, etc.

For example, as a Meta’s partner, we have a dedicated account manager that we perceive as an “insider of secret information”… That special advantage solely has helped us increase our campaign ROI by 117% and we can reinvest that discrepancy for a better bid against competitors.

💹We have been doing this since 2012 as a humble (low-key) freelancer and as time goes by, we collaborate (transform) from a flock of freelancers to a “partnership company”!

💹As a whole, we consist of 100+ specialists (best of the best experts in the field) with a total of 700+ years of combined experience in business holistically (marketing, sales, revenue, finance, tax, accounting, law, operational, support, etc.)!

💹We operate 100% remotely (there's no point to operate in-house)

💹We are 100% results-based (which means we guarantee your success so that we can be successful too), instead of a typical hourly-based model (which is sadly still adopted by a lot of companies where their employees can intentionally prolong the time to finish something so that they can be paid more and not guaranteed to be a successful thing).

💹As your long-term partner (we are on this together, your wins are our wins), not a short-term hit & run contract (which is most of the time, irresponsible!)

The Only 3 Execution Options to Be Made Right Now 🚀🦄



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